The United Arab Emirates is set to introduce a significant change for property owners with assets worth Dh2 million or more, allowing them to automatically qualify for the Golden Visa without the need for a separate application. This announcement was made by officials at the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship Customs & Port Security (ICP) during the UAE Innovates exhibition. The process will be streamlined through a direct link between the emirate’s land departments and the ICP portal, facilitating automatic verification of property values upon visa renewal.

UAE Golden Visa

Initially launched in 2018, the Golden Visa program was designed to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the UAE. Over time, the eligibility criteria expanded to include property owners, investors, frontline workers, and high-achieving students, among others. Recent modifications have further eased conditions for property owners, removing the minimum down payment requirement for visa eligibility, provided the property value exceeds Dh2 million.

Set to be implemented in 2024, this initiative reflects the UAE’s ongoing efforts to attract and retain high-value residents, offering benefits such as extended sponsorship capabilities for family members and no restrictions on the number of domestic workers. The popularity of the Golden Visa has surged, particularly among European investors, underscoring the UAE’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

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