Mainland Company Setup Consulting

What precisely constitutes a UAE mainland company and why is its establishment crucial? A mainland company is one licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the respective Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Below is a recap of the advantages of registering a company on the UAE mainland, along with a manual for setting up a business on the Dubai mainland!


Mainland company setup consulting

Eagle Eye facilitates company incorporation across over 50 UAE free zones. With plenty of factors to consider – such as location, pricing, business type, flexi-desk or office space options, auditing, and bookkeeping, share capital requirements, and more – determining the ideal free zone for your specific business needs can be daunting.

This is where the Eagle Eye team steps in, guiding you through the process accurately, providing expert direction, optimizing costs, and ultimately ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Checklist for mainland business setup in Dubai

  1. Choose your business activity
  2. Find the ideal location for your business in the UAE
  3. Determine your business legal structure
  4. Obtain a local sponsor or local service agent
  5. Name your company
  6. Apply for a mainland trade licence
  7. Secure your office space
  8. Apply for relevant visas
  9. Partner with a Company Setup Consultant.

Advantages of setting up a mainland company 

  1. Location flexibility and zero trade restrictions

  2. A Dubai mainland company enjoys unrestricted trade with other businesses and has no geographical limitations. Moreover, mainland companies can provide services to the government or engage in direct trade with consumers across the entire UAE. Setting up a mainland company also permits businesses to establish multiple branches, thereby strengthening their presence throughout the Emirates.

  3. Broad working scope

  4. Mainland enterprises also have the flexibility to undertake a broad range of activities. If you wish to expand your offerings within the mainland, you can simply re-register the new business activity with the DED, enabling you to trade freely without constraints.

  5. Access to lucrative government contracts

  6. An attractive aspect of setting up a mainland business in Dubai is the significant opportunities presented by government tenders in the UAE. In recent years, the Abu Dhabi Executive Council approved a substantial budget of AED 17.5 billion (USD 4.76 billion) for government projects, with over AED 4 billion allocated for infrastructure alone. Additionally, approximately AED 2 billion was earmarked for education, and a combined AED 1.2 billion for upgrades to governmental and social facilities. As an established mainland company in Dubai, you’ll be excellently positioned to capitalize on these lucrative government contracts.


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